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Aug 7, 2019

Why is it so hard to make a change?

Why are we hard wired to stay safe and what does it take to finally take control of your own health and happiness?


All these questions and more answered in today's solo podcast!



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Aug 2, 2019

"I've been in the industry for around 22 years...
Taught everything fitness class going, etc...🙄
In my 30's I was-teaching more classes than ever but was gaining more and more weight , always tired and run down etc...

So started studying and learned more about hormones and how much they matter and how they impact more...

Jul 30, 2019

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Jul 8, 2019

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Apr 19, 2019



Runner up Nurse of the Year and now creator of Woman on a Mission, Claire Morgan-Hughes is a busy mum of two, who spends her time between rugby matches, swimming competitions and running a household as well as organising wellness retreats and looking...