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Mar 13, 2019

Jen Wilson, author of Become a Warrior Woman, 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit, and creator of Warrior Woman Project® has been working in the wellness industry since 2009.

She created the Warrior Woman Project® back in 2014 after identifying that much of her own journey resonated with other
women who were feeling stuck or lost in their own worlds.

Then in 2017 after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease she realised that the ‘health’ journey she was on was more damaging that it was doing her good.

She has since taken her health in to her own hands and managed to become medication free in just a year (after being told it would likely be medication for life).

Jen helps her clients work out what it is they want in life, who they truly are and what they are truly capable of, and work from a place of self-love.
With a background in fitness, nutrition, NLP, massage, Pilates, Yoga, meditation and coaching she has a wide and varied approach to helping the world heal.


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