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Feb 15, 2019

Dr. Lacey Chittle is a functional medicine practitioner with a virtual consulting practice based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She specializes in chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, and autoimmune conditions. 
Like many people in medicine Dr. Lacey was led to this work from a personal experience. With an interest in all things health and fitness, as a youth she was an athlete.  That interest first led her to become a personal trainer, then study exercise physiology in undergraduate school and continue those studies in graduate school to finally become a doctor of physical therapy. Later her studies continued in functional medicine allowing her to provide the most comprehensive care to her patients today. 


For those not familiar with functional medicine, it is personalized medicine, based on your individual biochemistry, genes, & personal life history. Using this information to get to the  "root cause" of  medical condition so symptoms may be elevated rather than masked.


After her own health scare, which included partial loss of vision due vasculitis, IBS, chronic pain in muscles, joints, tendons, chronic migraines and crippling chronic fatigue, and a fair amount of time trying to control this mysterious illness with conventional medicine, she decided to take the power back into my her hands. Using her knowledge of biochemistry and physiology to uncovered the root cause of her condition. She used targeted diet lifestyle and supplementation to correct the imbalances in her body.  With a training from the Institute for Functional Medicine she now helps others unravel their complex health conditions and teach them to reclaim and maintain their health and vitality. 


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